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By Tom
Newark, DE
Versatile Golf Shoe
July 25, 2014
These golf shoes are fantastic on and off the course. Very stable and wide. Definitely order at least a 1/2 size smaller then your normal shoe size.
Prosgreat look stability versatility
Consperhaps a little too wide
By billy
stoughton ma
True makes the most comfortable shoe.
July 23, 2014
I bought this shoe because it was such a good deal. I have owned a few pair of True Linkswear shoes and they are the most comfortable shoes i own.
ProsComfort, comfort, comfort.
ConsNo cons with me but some might find the non traditional shoe a little funny looking.
By Max
Los Angeles
Can't beat it!
July 18, 2014
After a round of golf I found it really comfortable . Go grab one now.
most comfortable shoes I've worn
July 3, 2014
definitely one of the most comfortable shoes I've worn golf or non-golf! thanks!
Good price & comfortable shoes
June 23, 2014
Delivered on time as promised, shoes are comfortable & fashionable.
By John
Greenville, OH
Amazing Shoes!
June 19, 2014
I have very wide feet, and was struggling to find a pair of golf shoes that fit properly. Enter the True phx shoe! I followed the advice of others and ordered a half size down, and they fit perfectly! Plenty of room in the toes (both in width and height), and the rest of my foot remains very comfortable! They are very stable, and the grip is very strong and secure on wet and dry grass and also in the sand.
ProsWide, comfortable, roomy, great grip, secure!
ConsThese don't have the sock liner of some of the other shoes True makes so the corners of the tongue occasionally dig into the top of your foot.
By Francis
Perth, Western Australia
TRUEly great!
June 9, 2014
Comfortable and stylish shoe, in white/navy.
Proscomfortable, relaxed look
By Michael
Scottsdale Az
The Shoe....
May 30, 2014
Thanks for having this shoe on sale. I saved 60% from the rack price at our leading golf stores. The shoes fits great and I can honestly say that I enjoy wearing them. I recommend these shoes to anyone that loves to play golf and want a comfortable shoe that has good traction, a good wear factor and with all the different colors and styles, looks great on those tired feet. . Again thanks...
By David
Golf shoes you don't want to miss
May 30, 2014
This is the best deal I have seen to date on these shoes. I have two other pair and love them. At this price you at least want to try them out.
By Jeff
Rochester, NY
Super comfortable golf shoes.
May 29, 2014
I followed the advice of others and ordered 1/2 size smaller than I normally wear. Glad I did. They fit great and are more comfortable than any other golf shoe I've tried.
By Bill
Just like slippers!
May 29, 2014
Very lightweight and durable. Accommodate my EEEE feet without pinching. Level heel really helps my balance over the ball.
ProsFit,feel, performance.
ConsThey wear out, eventually.
By My
Pasadena, CA
Comfortable and effective
May 27, 2014
During the round, they provide the necessary support and comfort. Also, after the round, you can still drive and walk around without any problems. Really practical on and off the course.
By Brent
Nashville, TN
Good Grip, really wide shoe which I don't mind.
May 27, 2014
Good Comfy Shoe!
By Stephen L
Oakland, CA
Spikeless golf shoe
May 22, 2014
This is the first spikeless golf shoe I've tried. Found the fit to be fine. I like the square box toe as it fits my feet better. The sole is thinner than my spiked shoes. I don't know if this typical with spikeless shoes. The thinner sole made me feel very slightly shorter than usual and the shoe felt less firm. I inserted an arch support to provide additional support and firmness. This made a big difference. Good price from Rock Bottom Golf!
ProsGood quality, good price, nice looks.
ConsThe cushion, sole and arch support are less than I expected.
By barry
great looking and very comfy.
May 20, 2014
these are so comfy that i wear them for everything, including golf.
By Eduardo
Pompano Beach, Florida
These are the most confortable shoes and with good traction!!
May 20, 2014
These are my second pair of Linkswear. Quite a discovery thanks to the reasonable prices you get on Rock Bottom Golf. They are also very much water resistant so you do not get your feet wet in the early morning dew. I like walking and thus I have tried these shoes playing the few courses that allow you to walk and I can attest that this is a great product all around
By Rodney Koehler
Denver, CO
Very comfortable shoe
April 30, 2014
I really like this shoe. Very comfortable. I always have had problems with shoes being very tight in the forefoot area. These are wider in the forefoot area. I put these on for the first time and walked 9 holes and felt better than any nine holes I have walked. Great shoe and worth the money
ProsA little wider than other shoes.
By anton
value for money
April 24, 2014
shoes are very comfortable and use high quality material
By Gene
Denver, CO
Get them!
April 15, 2014
Love. These. Shoes.
By Greg
Phoenix, AZ
Most comfortable shoes - ever
April 7, 2014
These shoes are terrific. Love the wide toe box and low to the ground design. This is my second pair that I've purchased, after my original pair in brown. Stock up on this model while you still can...
Proslow to the ground design makes you feel like you are "one with the turf". Also, very nice wide toe box for extreme comfort.
Consno cons with these shoes.
By Bryan
Snohomish, WA
Comfy and waterproof
April 4, 2014
Great shoe. Not as much grip as spikes, but more than most spikeless. Just walked a hard 18 and my feet felt great. Order a size small, they fit big.
ProsComfortable Waterproof Stylish
ConsAdequate but not great traction
By BV9
April 3, 2014
The price is what attracted me - I have heard a lot of great things about these shoes so I figured I would give them a try. They feel fantastic which is what I expected. The look on the other hand is something I need to get used to. They look bigger than they feel if that makes sense. The top of the shoe bulges out a bit more than other shoes so once you get past that "different" look, you will love the feel of these shoes.
ProsFeel - great for walking golfers
ConsOdd shaped look
By Bruce
Tampa, Fl
Can you say, "Comfortable?"
March 26, 2014
Wow, one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!
ConsRuns a slight bit big.
Comfort & Grip
March 26, 2014
A quick story before my review. The best "feeling" round I ever played was a couple years back when I accidentally stepped into a mud pit on the 10th hole. The pit sucked both of my feet in like quicksand. My partner had to grab his driver to help pull me out. Shoes were completely covered in mud as were my legs and shorts. With no ranger in sight, I shed my shoes and socks and played the rest of the round barefoot. To my surprise, I played some of my best golf sans shoes! I felt connected to the ground in the tee box and stable on the fairways and greens. Since then I have searched for shoes that would recreate that type of connected feeling I had that day. Enter TRUE PHX. If you are looking for greater feel and connection with the ground during your round, these shoes are the ticket. They grip the turf well enough, I have never fallen out of my stance or backswing in them. They handle wet turf just fine. I have not worn them in extreme weather conditions since I have not had the opportunity to do so yet. Even so, I'd probably shy away from using them in very muddy conditions simply because they look too good to mess up!! My trusty, rusty old Footjoys will take on that task (or maybe barefoot is the way to go once more!). The white PHX with blue stripe are at home at the local muni and the ritzy country club. Better still, no need to change out of them at the end of the round, the PHX are also at home at the 19th hole and in the car for your drive home. BE AWARE that these are zero drop shoes. They have cushioning underfoot but zero drop is a far cry from your traditional golf shoes (think DryJoys or similar). There is no pronounced heel and the shoe flexes along with your foot during the swing. If you are unfamiliar with zero drop shoes I suggest doing a little research on them prior to purchasing these. I have been wearing minimalist style running shoes for over a year so the PHX are great for me. For the uninitiated it may cause calf fatigue after walking a full round. For those who enjoy zero drop/minimalist shoes, these are great. The forefoot is wide which allows for toe splay and cushioning is comfortable during the round. My feet feel much more connected to the turf. The width of the forefoot does look sort of odd when you first put them on, almost like geriatric or prescription footwear, but the styling of the shoe masks that for the most part. The shoes are comfortable enough to wear to and from the course and have held up well over six months of use. I found sizing to be about 1/2 size larger than advertised. I typically wear an 11.5 in Footjoys and 12 in Nikes. In the TRUE PHX, I wear an 11.
ProsZero drop Great feel and connection to the turf Stylish
ConsForefoot width can look clunky at first Sizing is about 1/2 size large
By Joselito
North Brunswick, New Jersey
Awesom Golf Shoes
February 27, 2014
Got this shoes at a very good price. Great looking shoes as well as it fits so comfortable. Would recommend this shoes to all.
By Juan
Great walking golf shoe
February 26, 2014
These shoes are fantastic and conftables. I bought a second pair after playing all summer with them. I bought the second pair 1/2 number smaller though - better fit
ProsReally confortble to walk the course
ConsDurability is ok, the spikes are wearing in about a year use.
By Eric
Tacoma, WA
Great product
February 25, 2014
These are great shoes and got them for an awesome price. Plan on using them as my spring/summer shoe. They are very comfortable and great for walking the course. I would recommend them to anyone.
By Terry
spring, tx
Very comfortable
February 25, 2014
I wore my new shoes on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised by the comfortable fit.
ProsGreat appearance and fit.
ConsProbably should have purchased a 10 instead of 10 1/2.
By Paulino
New York
Comfort and Good Looks
February 25, 2014
These golf shoes are the Most Comfortable shoes I own Period!!!
By Jay
Most comfortable golf shoe.
February 25, 2014
I have 3pairs now. Great golf shoe
By Brian
Beachwood, OH
For $50, amazing!
February 17, 2014
Great shoe for $50! very comfortable and stylish. Love these shoes
ProsStyle Feel
By Mike
Buffalo, NY
good shoe
January 28, 2014
Pretty slick shoe for 50 bucks. Definitely comfortable. Must size down a half size.
Consruns a half size large
By Bruce Reynolds
Not what I was hoping for
January 23, 2014
Not enough support and sole hard, flat and not much(none) cushioning
By Chris
New Zealand
Comfortable golf shoe
January 18, 2014
Have walked 54 holes to date in these shoes and they are without doubt the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn. Took your reviewer's advice and ordered a half size smaller than normally worn. They fit like a glove.
ProsAll of the above
Look great size not true
January 17, 2014
I typically wear a 9.5 wide or end up in a size 10 if shoe doesn't come in wide widths. Ordered a 9.5 and they were too big. I would size down a minimum half size consider a whole size less especially if you like your golf shoes a little more snug fitting than other athletic shoes
Conssize not true
By José Pacheco
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Great Golf shoe
January 15, 2014
Love the shoe, is comfortable and gives you the grip on the course that you expect
By jim
littleton, co
Stylish and comfortable
January 14, 2014
these shoes look great and feel broken in right out of the box. Walked 18 today. nice
Prosprice, style, feel
By Jeff
Maple Grove, MN.
True Linkswear
January 13, 2014
I haven't had the chance to wear them yet, can't wait until spring. They look good out of the box and fit well. The price was right and Rock Bottom delivered them on the day they said they would arrive.
ProsGood looking golf shoes,
ConsOnly reason I rated it four stars was because I have not had a chance to wear them outside.
By Joe
Nice and comfortable with good grip
January 13, 2014
Size a little larger than I expected
ProsGood grip Nice trendy color comfortable
ConsA little too wide
By Speedy
January 11, 2014
I've worn the shoes for two rounds and have never had any pair of shoes, including street shoes, that were so comfortable out-of-the-box. Already they are the favorites of my 6 pairs of golf shoes. One quirk is that they are a bit difficult to get on and off. The foot opening seems smaller than what is normal and, due to the nature of the material of the uppers, the laces do not slide easily through the holes. OK, this is a minor quibble.
ProsComfort. Looks.
ConsDifficulty of putting on and taking off.
By Tyler
Beverly, MA
January 11, 2014
Very comfortable shoes
By Matt
January 11, 2014
Great shoe nice and low to the ground like your not even wearing any
By Erich
Tucson, Az
Very comfortable
January 9, 2014
Look great. Feel good after walking 18 a couple times already.
By Jon
comfortable shoes
January 8, 2014
The gray color isn't quite what I expected, but these shoes are really comfortable right out of the box. I have not played in them yet, but I'm happy with the fit and feel.
By Patrick
Jacksonville, Florida
January 6, 2014
On my second pair and I love em. Flat stable shoe and plenty of traction. Looks much better than the older saddle model. Not as much of a clown shoe look. I generally wear a 13 and maybe a 12.5 for some wide model shoes but these I bought a 12. It fits very well but with all the extra room in these I could fit into a 11.5 I would still prefer the 12 but jut saying Roomy shoe!
Consnon e
By Charles
Solana Beach, CA
A comfortable pair of shoes
January 4, 2014
Good looking and comfortable, and for sure is wider than any "regular" size I ever owned. If you usually wear a "wide" size, you don't need to order "WIDE". One little issue for a person with "thin" foot (that is me) there too much space, but by insert a pair of cushion pad into the shoes it make the shoes even more comfortable and will make your foot fit even better to the shoes.
ProsVery comfortable, and good looking too. With the discount price makes it even better.
ConsAs commented above, if you have a shin foot you need a pair of cushion pad to fill the extra space in shoes.
Chicago, IL
Sharp looking, very comfortable
January 3, 2014
Sharp looking, very comfortable
ConsSizes run at least a half size large
By Kevin
United States
Very Comfortable
January 3, 2014
These shoes are great for the course. If you are looking for shoes like ECCO, these are right up there. They are comfortable enough to wear every day as well.
By Pin
Auckland, New Zealand.
True Linkswear- TRUE phx Golf Shoes
January 3, 2014
Good looking design and very comfortable to wear. Great product.!
ProsExcellent shoes for summer wear.
ConsNo complaints so far.
By Mike
TRUE Linkswear- TRUE phx Golf Shoes
January 2, 2014
TRUE Linkswear- TRUE phx Golf Shoes Most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn
ProsMold to your foot ...super comfortable ....comes in 10 different colors
Back 9
Great deal!
January 2, 2014
RBG does it again...amazing deal!
ProsPrice & Comfort! What a steal for $40
By Dave
El Mirage, AZ
Great Shoe
January 2, 2014
If you have had a recent hip transplant as I have, these shoes are much easier on your new hip, I recommend them highly.
By Chipper
Kennebunk, ME
A Foot Ahead of the Rest!
January 2, 2014
I have big, wide feet so I need good comfortable foot gear. These are great...better than any I have ever had and I have a garage full of the old ones.
ProsGreat fit, great comfort, great support for the 'piggies', very stylish color...and of course a great RBG price.
By Andy
B.C. Canada
great shoe at a great price
January 1, 2014
These shoes felt like an old pair of comfortable slippers the first time I wore them. They look great, feel great and have lots of traction on the fairways.They fit wide which is great for me.
Proscomfort, traction and looks as well as a very reasonable price point.
Consnon yet, although I understand they are not waterproof which would be a nice feature
By Tim Whalen
So so shoes for $40
January 1, 2014
Not a lot of cusion. I bought insoles to help. Inside material is very coarse. They need to be broken in. Bought them for the looks more than the comfort.
ProsNice design
ConsNo cusion.
By Ray
Sun City AZ
true linkswear
January 1, 2014
Very comfortable shoe. Fits like a glove.
By G RHodes
Las Vegas NV
best shoes for performance and comfort
January 1, 2014
Having wide feet and high arches has always made finding a good fit .I discovered true linkswear 18 months ago and now have 6 pairs. Beyond the perfect fit I was amazed at how well they performed. My foot work and balance with these shoes is effortless. I tried another shoe last month that had a good fit but discovered how awkward they performed while swinging. These True shoes ...all models simply perform as advertised and help you achieve a balance athletic swing.
Proswaterproof, great for walking , very comfortable and actually help you make a more athletic natural motion
By Gary
Very comfortable.
January 1, 2014
These shoes are awesome. They provide exceptional traction and yet feel like you are wearing your favorite bedroom slipper. I now own three pairs and wouldn't hesitate buying another pair. The prices at RBG are the best on the net.
ProsComfort, comfort and comfort.
By Keith Kelloway
North Battleford, Sk. Canada
A very comfortable shoe
January 1, 2014
a nice shoe, I would highly recommend
By Al
Phoenix, AZ
Comfortable right out of the box
December 31, 2013
Bought one pair early this year during a golf demo event and now I'm in possession of 4. I walked 18 with them just unpacked and my feet felt terrific.
ProsStandard width is wide and comfy Lots of color combinations available
By Steven
If the Shoe Fits
December 27, 2013
What a great looking shoe, comfortable and practical for the right days golf. good traction for no spike shoe. Definitely go a size smaller and fits wider foot.
very comfortable
December 27, 2013
good looking and comfortable. best for wide feet
By Jerry
Las Vegas , Nevada
December 27, 2013
Very comfortable and lite
By Jim DeRubeis
Toledo, OH
True Linkswear
December 27, 2013
True brand is the most comfortable ever. I have several pairs of other brands and there is no comparison.
ProsExtreme comfort. Nice signature style.
ConsIf you are looking for support, look elsewhere. This is as close to barefoot as it gets.
By Tiger H
great shoe for the price
December 27, 2013
Shoes are lightweight and give surprisingly good traction. Nice looking shoe too.
ProsLightweight Real leather upper Spikeless soles give good traction Look Good
By Aaron
Frederick MD
December 19, 2013
As a war wounded vet, I have been trying to find a shoe that is comfortable, provides traction, looks good and helps with balance problems. Having found all these requirements in the True Linkswear shoes, I now own 3 pair of PHX model shoes. I wear these shoes on and off the course. They feel a little wide but with the "barefoot" feel, I am so connected to the ground and haven't lost traction...even in snow. I am wearing my black and grey pair to get married in on Dec 31 this year.
ProsComfort, looks, traction, usability
By Brandon
Milwaukee, Wi
Great looking comfortable shoes...
July 3, 2013
In the box they have a card that says fits like a slipper. They are not lying. These are the most comfortable golf shoes i've ever owned. I'd recommend them to anyone.
By Drew
Best golf shoe I have ever owned
June 3, 2013
These shoes are just awesome for 18 holes of walking. I matched my best score the second time I wore these shoes. Coincidence? I dunno...but these are staying on my feet for future rounds! :) Will pick up another pair for my father's day present!
ProsComfort Width Style
By Dave
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Okay, but certainly not the best shoe.
May 13, 2013
I decided to try out the TRUE Linkswear shoes on the advertising claim of "superior comfort." Sorry, but ECCO, Callaway and FootJoy still are more comfortable.
ProsSomething new.
ConsDon't live up to their comfort claim.
By Joe
Greeneville, TN
Great Feeling
April 11, 2013
These are awesome shoes. Its like wearing a pair slippers. They grip the grass better than my $150 footjoys with spikes.
Proslight, great grip, lets you feel the earth under your feet
Consrun big, wish they were water proof
By Blaine
Salisbury, NC
April 1, 2013
I decided to become a true walking golfer. My old shoes were not the best suited for walking regularly (feet were sore from time to time even while riding) so I decided to look for a shoe more suited for walking 2+ times a week. After reading reviews and comparing $ I decided to give these a try. They are wounderfuly comfortable as long as you stay in the grass (they will still hurt if you walk on the cart path for any length of time). A benefit that I was not expecting was they help me read greens because I am able to better feel slope with my feet. They only drawback that I could possibly see is how long the tread will last (this will be the determining factor if I purchase these again).
By John
Pembroke, MA
March 25, 2013
I have two pairs of the True Linkswears tours and love them, thought I'd give the PHX a try. As expected, these are also amazing shoes. They have a little less "tech" than the tours (different liner, no memory foam) but are no less comfortable. You're read it all before, but these are like playing in slippers. Your feel feel fantastic while walking and loss of traction isn't an issue. I recommend order a half size smaller than your usual size. Do yourself a favor and gran some Trues, your feet will thank you
Proslight comfortable great traction
By Branden
Cheney, WA
Light and comfortable
March 7, 2013
Plenty of traction. Well made and extremely comfortable.
Seymour.vic.Australia 3660
True phx golf shoes
February 25, 2013
These Golf shoes are perfect comfort and light on your feet, ideal for our hot Australian summer conditions
ProsThe comfort facter is high. I didn,t need to get used to them at all,even with my dicky knees
ConsThe laces are too short,I changed mine
By Joe
Excellent shoe!
January 16, 2013
Terrific shoes with much better grip than my ecco's. I had to go a half size smaller. Try on somewhere first then buy them here! Bought three pairs.
ProsExcellent product great comfort.
By kevin
Great Shoes
December 31, 2012
So these shoes are a bit funky looking I admit. I think someone said they can look a little like nursing shoes. Probably true. But they are incredibly comfortable. It's my first pair of spikeless shoes, and I love em. no slippage and incredible feel around the greens. It may sound weird, but my putting has improved since using these shoes. They are great and recommend them to anyone.
ProsComfort Weight Traction Feel
Consmore color options would be great.
By JD, Too
Bryant, AR
Wider than I thought they'd be
August 29, 2012
I haven't had these shoes very long, but am satisfied so far. They're a little wider than I expected(as the headline states), but they're not TOO wide. Know what I mean? Also, I usually wear a 10.5, so that's what I got. I think I could fit into a 10, though. The 10.5 works, but maybe the solid 10 would work better. However, as of now, I would definitely purchase this brand again. I would just probably try a 10 next time because I'm done growing.
Prosthe looks, the casualness, I can wear them anywhere
Consthe price---I wish they were cheaper so I could buy another pair in a different color RIGHT size 10
By Cliff
Great Shoes
August 27, 2012
Great shoes, very comfortable and nice looking!
By Hank
United States
Wow, talk about Comfort
July 14, 2012
Put these on and walk the course and you'll feel like you are walking barefoot. Total comfort, and great looking. My golfing buddies are rushing to Rock Bottom to buy these. You may want to order a 1/2 size smaller then normal as another customer suggested. I did and they fit like a glove.
ProsComfort Plenty of toe room Stylish Grips the ground really good - no slip even on a wet day. Although not water proof no wetness even on the dampness mornings where the dew is really heavy. Lots of nice comments from everyone on the looks of the shoe.
ConsNothing they are great
By Andrew
Amazingly comfortable
July 10, 2012
Great style of shoe
By Eric V
Echo, Or
Extreme comfort
June 27, 2012
Best golf shoes I have ever owned. I am definitely a"TRUE" believer!
By C. Meyer
Columbus, OH
Great Shoes
June 21, 2012
Its like playing golf barefoot. Unbelievaable comfort and playability.
By Mike
Cleveland, Ohio
True Linkswear Golf Shoes
June 7, 2012
These shoes are light weight and very comfortable, after walking 18 holes my feet feel great
ProsThe feel and comfort.
ConsThey need to improve the look
By John
Andover, MN
Very comfy
June 2, 2012
These are like playing in slippers. The larger toe box is a little odd looking for some people. They hold the ground very well.
By tom
May 30, 2012
shoes are just ok. appearance not what I like. not overly comfortable, for the price.
Consappearance, comfort
By jacob
Size chart
May 29, 2012
Size runs big (almost an entire size).....
ProsLooks, comfort
ConsSize chart
By Paul
Wollongong Australia
Great Shoe
May 29, 2012
Have worn these True Linkswear shoes twice now and have found them extremely comfortable. They grip the fairways just as well as the spiked shoe. The delivery from the "Cave" was as always, prompt, and the item was as discribed. I have no problems in recommending these shoes to anyone.
ProsGreat grip on the ground and a secure footing at address. Nice broad fitting and number 1 in comfort. Very light. The price paid was great.
ConsI couldn't buy them in Australia.
By b.g.
great shoes
May 21, 2012
best golf shoe i ever wore
Prosf eel good on ,look good on
Consno dislike
By Antonio
Laredo, TX
Most comfortable
May 3, 2012
Absolutely the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. If you walk, you can't go wrong with this shoe. Roomy toe box, flexible, and no forefoot soreness at the end of 18 holes. A++!
Prosroomy toe box, extremely comfortable for walking

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