By Mike
Vancouver Washh.
November 18, 2012
great value!!
I have used them 3 or 4 times now and love them. For the price they work just as well as any high priced Pings or other brands! I've never had a lob wedge before..amazing!
By Clair Averett
Orem, Utah
November 12, 2012
Average golfer
I bought these wedges to give me a matching set and I love the feel. These wedges probably aren't comparable to top of the line wedges, but for the price, they're a great addition for the average golfer!
Prosnice clubs, great balance
By KC Mike
Kansas city, KS
November 11, 2012
Wilson Wedges
Bought for father in law, as a beginner he really has adapted to these wedges and has improved greatly..... Great value buy!
By mike
November 3, 2012
great wedges
wilson is so underrated cannot go wrong
By Matt
United States
September 19, 2012
Perfect for the price
If your just looking to add some wedges to your bag, these are the clubs for you. I've never owned a 52 or 60 degree club before but i have been very impressed with these. from 120 yards the gap wedge is a sniper and the lob wedge is great for flop shots. You get three clubs for half the price of 1, you cant beat it
By afd33
August 7, 2012
Great price
Can't complain 3 clubs for 70 bucks. Have played a couple rounds with them and they're taking a little to get used to, but that's mostly because these are the first wedges I've owned.
ProsGood quality great price
By Andrew
July 17, 2012
Nice wedges
Good looking clubs, decent feel
July 16, 2012
Required clubs
For those of us playing courses that don't water their greens, these are great clubs to have for the shots that roll off the greens or from 50 yards in.
ProsThe 3 lofts cover my game.
Fort Worth, Texas
July 14, 2012
Where has that gap wedge been all my life?
I have been using old Ram Nick Price wedges (56, 62 degrees) for about 20 years so I was in the market for a new set of wedges. The first round I played with this set, I used the gap wedge 3 times, the sand wedge 4 times (too much time on the beach) but did not get a chance to use the lob wedge. I now have a 90 yard club with the gap wedge. As a 3 wedge set, they fit nicely in my bag. The black chrome finish looks very cool but will not last for long on the face and bottom of the club. I am very pleased with this wedge set and I have no idea why I waited 40 years to get a gap wedge.
ProsExcellent match and quality as you expect from Wilson.
ConsPretty black Chrome finish does not last.
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
July 7, 2012
Decent wedges at a great price.....
My friend was in the market for a new set of "name brand" wedges, but didn't want to drop the coin. These were viewed as a compromise by him until he could afford something better. He's hitting them quite well though, and they may be in his bag for awhile.
ProsGood spin. Tasteful aesthetics.
ConsFinish wears off quickly
By Thomas White
McLeansville, NC
June 23, 2012
I really needed these wedges!
I have never had anything but standard pitching and sand wedges. My game close to the green was horrible! I have trouble hitting a half shot or laying off a shot. Now that I have the Gap, Sand and Lob wedge set, I can hit a fairly full swing at any close distance and not skull it. They work great and my game has improved quickly. It took no time at all to learn the distances and swing speed needed for these clubs. I purchased this particular set because I had just purchased a new set of Wilson Ci11 black chrome irons and I wanted to stay with the same look and brand. No need to spend triple on the Cleveland wedges. The wedges have steel shafts, my new irons have graphite, but feel the steel is needed for the tricky shots like out of sand or high grass. I didn't want to get too much flex out of these, so steel works very good.
ProsThey are what they claim to be. They are good quality clubs that improve my game around the green or getting out of trouble areas.
ConsIF there is a dislike, and no, it doesn't affect the shot, it that after just a few hits, the black wears off the bottom of the clubs, whereas if they were chrome, they wouldn't show the wear as bad.
By Chris
June 11, 2012
just get them
By Cody
Paragould, Arkansas
June 11, 2012
heavy heavy heavy
These wedges, although they're not awful, are a bit too heavy for my tastes. They put a decent ammount of spin on the ball. The black finish does wear off, but thats no big deal to me. If you're looking to purchase a cheap wedge set, but this one. However if you want a bit more quality, buy the watson wedge pack for just $40 more. Happy Golfing
By marc
montreal canada
June 11, 2012
3 wedges
beautiful, 3 wedges for this prices and it does the job
Prosnice price
By tezza
Adelaide - Australia
June 4, 2012
Super buy
Great wedge set for price of 1
Pros3 for 1 price deal
By everson moss
natchez, mississippi
June 4, 2012
all smiles
i couldn't be happier with these wedges. They are an unbeatable value. The black does begin to rub off after one outing but that is my only negative
By Lettucehead
Northern Ontario, Canada
June 2, 2012
Look out grass, I'm tearing you up!
A good set for beginners. I started playing for 2 years and need a wedge set to complete my bag. I knew these clubs were not going to look pretty at all after I got my hands on them, so I'm glad they we're a good price. Now I just need to know how to use them.
ProsPrice Good for beginners
ConsAverage/poor grips a bit on the heavy side
By Sir Slank A Lot
Los Angeles, CA
May 31, 2012
Great Bargin!
Three wedges for 54.99 is definitely a good deal. They're been playing very nicely. I'm just a bit disappointed in that fact that they scratch easily.
ProsGood feel. Great price.
ConsScratch easily
Bolivar, MO
May 29, 2012
Nice Wedge set
The only problem is the paint does not last long on the clubs
By jason
May 19, 2012
Affordable way to complete you club set
Not sure i have the experience with wedges to be of much help. But i can say that they do put some spin on the ball. They feel a little bit on the heavy side as other reviewers have mentioned. i used the lob wedge to flop some shots over a bunker, to a down hill landing zone, with a pin six paces on, and get them to stick . The sand wedge doesn't have much bounce, but that's ok cause my home town course has rock solid bunkers. the leading edge on these clubs is a little on the sharp side and you will be taking some slabs of grass on full swing shots. If you do not have wedges in your bag, its a great place to start.
Prosprice, spin, completing my bag with out breaking the bank.
By Jason
Playa Del Rey, CA
November 26, 2011
Taking my game to the next level
Beginner player and needed a wedge set to help improve my short game. Couldn't be happier with these. Great feel, consistent distances.
Proslook, feel, results
Consblack paint wears off easily
By Curtis
Clearfield, PA
August 12, 2011
Great set for the price!
Loved the feel of these clubs for a new golfer these were right up my alley.
Prosfeel playability look
By Andy
Seattle, WA
August 9, 2011
Amazing value for solid wedges
Still adjusting to the extreme angle of that Lob Wedge! Very solid wedges that perform exactly as expected. They look great in my bag as well.
By Fazeer Ali
Fort Myers, FL
August 9, 2011
Great Deal!!!
I am a beginner golfer and have just had a pitching wedge for the past 2 yrs. I decided that I needed a wedge set. This set has helped me take shots off my score, especially in short distance. For the price, you cant go wrong at all.
ProsAll good things
ConsNothing that I don't like.
By ed
Las Vegas Nv
July 24, 2011
great deal
These wedges feel and hit nice ... Staying in the bag and for the price you can't go wrong
ProsFeel good
By Kyle
Passaic, NJ
July 11, 2011
Love these Wedges!
Really improved my short game. These are great for short / in between shots. I highly recommend these wedges, took strokes off my score.
ProsGreat feel and grip Like the all black color
By Zeb
Collinsville, IL
June 29, 2011
Great set and can't beat the price
I am relatively new to the golf club ownership (yeah I'm the friend that's always borrowing your sticks) and recently purchased my first set of clubs, SW not included. I came across this set during my search to pick one up and after a little research,reading the reviews, and the most important factor seeing/comparing the price, I decided to heck with just the SW lets get the whole dang set!!!! Played 54 holes so far and saw immediate improvement in my approach shots though as another poster mentioned I also had to adjust my swing for the shortened shafts. Never new what I was missing not having the lob or gap in the bag and my buddies have been borrowing'em at every hole as well. If you're not looking to spend too much money but want a quality set of wedges, these are your answer.
ProsThe bang for your buck Balance, weight, and good, solid, feeling on impact Looks
ConsMinor concern in my opinion but the black started to wear off after the first few swings and is more a gun metal color now.
By zulbahar
June 25, 2011
not for Aus/NZ region
if you are staying in Aus/NZ, just forget about buying Wilson cuz they will cancel your order due to parallel import restriction. Now I am happier with Callaway x-jaw wedge bought from rockbottomgolf.
Consparallel import restriction
By Al
New Zealand
June 23, 2011
They stay in the bag.
These clubs are staying in bag because they are giving me great results. Love the positive feel regarding ball contact and accuracy that I am getting from these clubs.
ProsGives me consistent results with positive feel. Great value in terms of the price. Good looking clubs.
By joe
south ga
June 16, 2011
great wedges!!
I was able to practice with these a couple times before I played and adjusted my swing for the short length of the shaft. I could not be happier with the results. I have never seen the logo on the ball spin backwards so hard. I give these clubs credit for some great shots that got me a lot closer than I have been to the pin!! Liked them so much that I got a set coming for my dad on fathers day!!
Proseasy to hit look nice
Conspaint wears off
By TJ Bean
Haverhill, MA
June 9, 2011
Beautiful set
At this price, they're perfect for the beginner.
ProsLook Feel Shaft length
By Rob
Jacksonville FL
June 8, 2011
I am very pleased with this purchase. You can't beat the price for $59.95! I am an intermediate player and these have completed my bag nicely. The short clubs are actually more important to the final score for most golfers than the big drivers and such. They are packaged very nicely and arrived in perfect condition! Rockbottom does an excellent job getting these out the door quickly too!
ProsThey are a complete set. They came packaged very nicely.
By Chris
Brooklyn, NY
May 31, 2011
Love the 60 degree
I have been using these for 3 weeks now...they are a bit heavy...but contact feels awesome and the ball really goes high with good backspin.
Proslooks loft ball contact
Consa little heavier than normal wedges black does scratch off
By Prancer
May 17, 2011
Good wedges for the price!!!
The black chrome does scratch off pretty easy and they seem a little stiffer but crisper on impact than my Adams Tom Watson wedges but happy with the purchase!!!
ProsPrice Performance
ConsNothing yet.

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