By Lee mahoney
New zealand
April 17, 2014
Great buy as usual top marks
Great club thanks rock bottom
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
February 20, 2014
Solid and under-rated wedge.....
Wilson gets an undeserved bad rap. They were at the top of the golfing equipment world through 3 decades (1950's-1970's), with multiple tour wins. In the 1980's, they made the mistake of trying to occupy the entire market by branching out into "beginners sets". It was a successful foray, but it took their eye off the ball and pretty soon their stuff was branded as "cheap equipment" and the competition jumped ahead with new technologies and better quality stuff. Wilson has been trying to recover ever since. Over the past decade, in an effort to bifurcate the brand, they've launched a line of high quality "Wilson Staff" equipment, mostly on the backs of pro's like Padraig Harrington. The clubs/balls are quite good and generally rate well. I own a set of the CI-11's and FyBrids and love them. Wilson's new D-100 driver rated gold,....and is unfortunately priced that way....The harmonized wedges are a middle of the road clubs. They won't break the bank and will get the job done pretty well. This particular model still has the "box" or square grooves, which generate the most spin. The newer models have the V grooves, as is now required of all new irons being manufactured. They generate less spin out of the rough. Wilson has attempted to offset this with their newer balls like the C:25, which feature "traCtion control" technology.....probably more info. than you expected in a review of this wedge, but I like their stuff...
ProsSolid wedge. Nice, heavy head. Last of the box groove clubs...
By John
Greenville, OH
November 1, 2013
Great Trouble Wedge
I received this wedge as a free item on my order from RBG, and I wasn't sure what to expect. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, fit, and finish of the club. The black chrome head is nice, because there is no glare from the sunlight. The grip is very high quality, and feels nice in your hands. I'm still getting used to how to hit this wedge, as it does get some nice loft on the ball (which you can expect from a 64* lob). All in all I'm glad to have this club in my bag, and am excited to use it next season!
ProsPrice, Nice club feel, high quality
By Daniel
Leland, NC
October 24, 2013
I enjoy this club for the height it gives me when I need it
When I need a high shot and not much roll, it fits the bill
Consthe black finish faded quicklly at the heel
Yellowknife, NT
October 23, 2013
Got it for free
Got it as a deal with my purchase. Still getting used to the length and weight.
ProsPaint does not seem to chip easily.
By jim
red oak, IA
October 23, 2013
nice wedge
ball flight is very vertical with the 64 degree. Getting used to the distances is a little hard, but so far I like it.
By Scott Evans
Melbourne Australia.
October 23, 2013
Good novice wedge
Good for beginner golfers
By Bill Hatts
Scranton, PA
October 22, 2013
Trouble Club
Definitely a trouble club. Tough rough around slick greens this is the right club
By Brad
United States
October 22, 2013
Couldn't beat the price
I got this club for free so that was enough to make it great.
By K Dubs
October 22, 2013
Nice Wedge
Not a bad wedge to pick up and throw in your bag.
New Hampshire
October 22, 2013
By Sam
October 22, 2013
You cannot beat free.
By Drew
Geneva, il
October 22, 2013
Great club
Increased bite
By Rick T
Atlanta, GA
October 21, 2013
Nice freebee
What can I say - you can't beat a freebee! Got it free with $100 purchase, which is easy to do buying golf clubs and accessories.
ConsOnly available RH - I am LH, so I gave it to my son.
By Kevin
Greeley, CO
October 21, 2013
Great wedge
I got this wedge for free as a part of my order but that's not why I'm giving it 5 stars. This club has great feel and anytime I am inside 100 yards - I have the greatest confidence in my game and this club is a big reason why. I seriously feel I am flag hunting every time I swing.
ProsPrice Feel
By Christian
Edgewood, WA
October 21, 2013
A wedge with this loft is useless for me
Got it for free. Not many people buy these 64 degree wedges and that is probably why. It works but anyone that would need a 64 wedge would also buy a better wedge than this.
By kress
Tracy, California
October 21, 2013
Free wedge
I got this wedge for free using a promo code thought it was going to be a really hard wedge to use but went to the range and practiced some chipping and chipped really well. Perfect wedge for the high short distance chipping with minimum roll
By Dan
Ravensdale, WA
October 20, 2013
Great for free. Quality club that is of course un-hitable.
ProsQuality club.
ConsToo much loft.
By Grey Owl
October 19, 2013
64 degree wedge? For what?
I suppose some might want to put a 64 degree wedge in their bag.... Can't imagine why.
ProsNice looking
ConsI can think of several other clubs that would be more useful to carry...
By Nathan
Johnston, IA
October 19, 2013
Fun to hit
Really fun club to hit bu doesn't serve much a purpose being a 64 degree.

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