By Kory
Salt Lake City, UT
May 22, 2014
good "cheap" wedge
great wedge for the cost
Consswing weight feels off in comparison to my Volke grip
By Hubsz
December 16, 2012
Replacing a old wedge
For the price, I couldn't go wrong! I haven't hit a bad shot with it. I'm impressed...
By Chas W.
Columbus, OH
December 14, 2012
The 48 degree makes a great pitching wedge
The Wilson Staff TW9 48 degree makes a great pitching wedge, and Rockbottom golf always ships securely and in a timely manner. I'll probably purchase another 48 degree and a gap wedge also, if Scratch gets more in stock. I love this golf club .. simple as that.
ProsI like everything about this great quality club
ConsAbsolutely nothing
By Professor39
November 23, 2012
This 48 degree club is fantastic for shipping around greens as sole is different from a sand wedge so just swing like any other wedge. Creates some top spin so do not swing as hard as usual and do NOT break your wrists. Especially good in second layer from green where you enclunter some high grass or "rough."
ProsSee above.
By Bill
November 21, 2012
Great playable, solid wedge.
I substituted this to replace my Muzuno MP32 PW and like it better.
ProsGreat Value
By Graeme Gamble
November 13, 2012
I want the rest of the set
Good club and feels great to swing. Highly recommend
By Wayne Lariviere
Winchester, Canada
November 7, 2012
Wilson Golf - Staff Tw9 Satin Wedge Steel
I recieved my wedge and on the same day I tried it at the club. For a inexpensive club I was more that please with it's performance. As usual, everything went well in regards to Rock Bottoms packing and Shipping. Bravo Guys!
ProsI liked the weight and balance of the club.
By Wayne Lariviere
Winchester, Canada
November 7, 2012
Wilson Golf - Staff Tw9 Satin Wedge Steel
I recieved my wedge and on the same day I tried it at the club. For a inexpensive club I was more that please with it's performance. As usual, everything went well in regards to Rock Bottoms packing and Shipping. Bravo Guys!
ProsI liked the weight and balance of the club.
By Douglas
Norman, OK
November 2, 2012
Let's face it; At our level, does it really make sense to spend $110 for a wedge?
When you can get a good one for under $30. Thanks Rock Bottom for a good wedge at a very good price, love it.
ProsGood Club Great Value
By Zach
September 17, 2012
Solid Wedge
For the price you can can't get any better. Have a really nice feel on full shots and puts a decent amount of spin on it, we'll see how well the grooves hold up over time. Overall a really good club.
ProsNice feel and spin
By Jochen
San Diego, CA
September 7, 2012
Decent price, not my club
I got this for the price and was a little disappointed how thick the blade was and how heavy the club was. Better get a titleist or a mizuno. They are worth the extra money.
ConsFeel Precision
By Joel
Clatskanie, OR
September 4, 2012
Getting use to the 48*
Great club but is taking me longer to get used to than the 56* black version I bought along with this.
ProsCan hit long if needed. Great for mid distance chips or pitches. Durable finish.
ConsMy learning curve with this loft.
By Set
Atlanta, GA
August 30, 2012
No pin is safe
Very solid strikes with this club. Allows for more shot setups, with less worry about impact. I can manipulate the entire process from stance to swing, and know that this club will deliver. Had it for just a few rounds, and ended up with a marked increase in green circles around scores on the card.
ProsSolid Consistent strikes Consistent action off the face, and ball movement.
By Joshua
Dayton, PA
August 14, 2012
Great feel to go with Great Price
I bought three of these wedges to give me a matching set and I love the feel. I love having a seemless flow from one to the other to keep a consistent swing. These wedges probably aren't comparable to top of the line wedges, but for the price, they're a great addition for the average golfer!
ProsPrice & feel
ConsPlastic inserts on the back
By Big O
Waxahachie, TX
August 9, 2012
Nice Wedge
Really nice wedge for the price. Cannot beat it. Thanks for offering it at a really good bargain!!
By Bobby
Houston, TX
July 30, 2012
Can't Complain For the Price
worth every penny and more.
By Chuck
Hillman MI.
July 30, 2012
Wilson Gap
Great item, shipped fast and great price. Hit it well ( well as well can be anyway) wish I had not waited so long.
Prosnice club, great balance
By John
Clearwater, Fl
July 21, 2012
Another Great Deal From The Cave
As usual , another great deal from the Cave- the 50 degree is just what I needed in my bag. Gives me a little more loft than my pw on those touch shots around the green. Quality is second to none. But, for real, who came up with this grip design (hence the 4 stars).
ProsQuality Value
By brett
July 17, 2012
great club
Hits so smooth and the spin is excellent. Some reviews said the grip was slippery but I really like it. Great deal for the money
ProsGrip Spin
By Geo
Maineville, Ohio
July 15, 2012
Can't beat it for the price!
Nice weight and good bounce into the ball. Ordered the 52 degree wedge. Crisp contacts. Not sorry at all.
By Jeff
Twin Cities, MN
July 15, 2012
very nice balances club
The reason this didn't get 5 stars has more to do with me than the club. It's solid, balanced, and nice to hit. It has a nice low center of gravity. It's a better club than I am a player!
Proslow center of gravity balance Craftmanship
By golfnwhiting
Salt Lake City, Utah
July 14, 2012
Solid club, unbelievable price
Club is well balanced, easy to line up and very inexpensive. I have hit the club several times at the range. The impact feels solid, the ball spins is excellent, the club responds very well to off center hits, ball flight is high. I purchased the 52 degree loft which is perfect gap between my pitching wedge (48 degree), and my sand wedge(56 degree). Rock Bottom golf is a great site. They have been spot on with shipping and handling.
ProsSolid Club Easy to line up Easy to hit Good on off center hits
By bill
, port orange, fla
July 14, 2012
wilson wedge
plays nice and easy to hit
Prosi like the way it looks at address as well as the trajectory
Consi don't like the wilson stock grips, easy enough to change
By Ryan
Normal , IL
June 29, 2012
Excellent wedge. Got it for a buddy and he loves it, which is saying a lot because he's a Callaway snob.
ProsFace Grip Balance
By mike
Central, Fl
June 24, 2012
nice wedge
good quality wedge for the price
By Ryan
Mobile, Al
June 23, 2012
Great Feel! Awesome Spin! Nice Club!
This club is WAY under priced for how well it performs. I needed this club to fit in between my 55* sand wedge and my 45* pitching wedge. It fits perfectly and feels great!. The spin on it is awesome...I was literally spinning it backwards on the range. The only negative I could say about this club is, the grip gets slick when wet or sweaty...although, my hands do sweat ALOT!! Nothing a good Golf Pride grip couldn't fix.
ProsSpin Weight Look and Feel at address
By Roland
Eastern North Carolina
June 23, 2012
Great Club!
This wedge has great feel, weight and good stopping power on the greens. You can't go wrong with the price either. RBG has done it again!
ProsWeight Feel Spin price
By Experto
Springfield, Virginia
June 9, 2012
Cheap Shots
This club squares up nicely at address. I feel confident using thois club, but the grip seems slippery even when totally dry.
ProsSquare set up at address.
ConsSlippery Grip
By Bill
June 4, 2012
Solid Wedge
Been in the Golf business for over 30 years & these are equally as good as the higher priced wedges. Great RBG service as usual.
ProsSpin True Temper Shaft
By Kenneth
May 26, 2012
Best Gap Wedge I ever have!!!
Improve my precision in my shots now...
ProsIts Great!
ConsThe stock grip hurts//
By dave
cincinnati ohio
May 19, 2012
great wedge
kept looking at this wedge but never pulled the trigger, finally the price got so low i could not turn it down.. would have been a good buy even at full price ... great feel and great control..
Prosfeel and consistency
Consnot a big fan of the stock grip but not a big issue
By Brian
Detroit, MI
May 16, 2012
Good wedge, great price
I recently picked up a 50 degree wedge from this model line. Figured I couldn't go wrong with the price. Its a little more forgiving than my old forged 50 degree, and I hit it a few yards further. Overall it has a great look and feel, and still feels like a players wedge even though the 50 (and 48 degree) have a different cavity type back. Only downfall is the grip, a little too rubbery and slick for me.
ProsPrice, looks, feel
By Mike T.
Indianapolis, In
May 10, 2012
This club at this price is a great deal!!
I needed a Gap Wedge to add to my set of clubs and I am really glad I went to Rock Bottom Golf. The club head is machined very professionally and feels to me to be weighted to help the club fall in place for ball contact. And it arrived on the day that it was promised also.
ProsLooks Feel Cost
By Ron
Portsmouth, Va
May 9, 2012
Top Quality
I have wedges made by Cleveland, Adams and Taylor Made and this wedge is as good or better. The quality is outstanding!! At these prices this club is a steal! Rock bottom golf does it again!
ProsCavity back. Some forgiveness. Quality built.
ConsNo Cons.
By William
Glen Ridge, New Jersey
May 8, 2012
Excellent 52 Degree Gap Wedge
Very consistent distance. Feels great whether pitching or chipping. Fits in nicely between my PW (46) and SW (56).
By Gord
May 8, 2012
Love it
Great feel , like it better then my Taylormade Rac's
By Willie B
Northern California
May 2, 2012
At this price, these are a STEAL!
In 15 years of playing golf, I have never tried to play Wilson Wedges. I always thought the quality wasn't up to par with the other brands that I have used like Cleveland, Callaway, and Titleist. But after purchasing the TW9 60 and 54 degree wedges 8 months and most recently a 48 degree wedge and playing a couple dozen rounds with these, and hitting hundreds of balls at the driving range...let me tell you...these TW-9 wedges are just as good, if not better, than any Cleveland, Callaway, Titleist wedge that I ever played with. They look great. They have great feel and balance and you can feel the clubhead through the swing. Nice wedge flex True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts. And at the price that RBG sells absolute STEAL!!!!
By Nick Carter
United States
April 30, 2012
Great Club, Insane Value!
Wilson Staff is simply the best clubs for the money going. This wedge complements my Ci9s nicely as a players pitching wedge.
By Archie
Oak Lawn,Il.
March 21, 2012
Great buying experience
The club is just what I wanted, and at a great price. I lost my pitching wedge was looking at used clubs, and ended up getting a new club for the same price. Thanks guys!
By mario
March 14, 2012
very good
i like the feel of the wilson grip. used it the frist time . was impressed! thanks rbg!!
By Chuk
Coon Rapids, MN
February 14, 2012
Gre!at wedge
The 52 degree wedge is high quality, easy to hit, and reminds me of the Vokey I used to have. Great price, too!
Prosgreat quality and price. Don't tell anyone, but they are wasting their money if they aren't looking @ Wilson. clubs.
Consnothing except the club is d/c!
By ken
mount vernon, wa
February 6, 2012
Are you kidding me
at this price its like stealing.GREAT wedge
Prosfeel spin price
By Joshua
November 26, 2011
Very Nice
I am just beginning (less than 4 months of playing) and love the way this feels. I am getting backspin and control like crazy. I really love this wedge!
By hk
clemson, sc
November 15, 2011
better than cg14
Regardless of the price.
By Lee
Hope Mills, NC
November 15, 2011
Awesome Wedge!
I have the 52 degree version of this wedge. Fits perfectly between my PW and SW. Super loft and spin!
ProsGets the ball up in the air fast and has plenty of backspin to hold hard greens.
ConsWould like to have the option of a graphite shaft.
By Ian Williams
Vancouver B.C. Canada
November 14, 2011
Very useful wedge
This 50 degree wedge has become my "mid wedge" and is especially useful for close to the green pitches
Prosthe look and feel
By Ian Williams
Vancouver B.C. Canada
November 14, 2011
Very useful wedge
This 50 degree wedge has become my "mid wedge" and is especially useful for close to the green pitches
Prosthe look and feel
By Norm
Melbourne, Australia
November 13, 2011
Good Wedge at a great price
Good looking wedge that has great feel abd is easy to hit.
ProsFeel Look Easy to hit
By Mike
Elk Grove, CA
November 12, 2011
Perfect Gap Wedge
I have a 44 degree PW, and 52 degree SW, so I got the 48 degree Staff TW9. PERfect gap wedge for me. PW goes 125...the Wilson Staff is right at 110-115, plus a bit if I hit it sweet, and the SW is 95-100, Spins the ball well. Nice weight, and it looks great.
ProsPerfect gap. Good spin.
By Tim
London, Ohio
November 12, 2011
Got this free
Great club for the price especially when I got it free, but it is still worth the price Scratch is asking for it!
ProsFeels good Balanced well

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