By scott
wyckoff, nj
December 15, 2012
Good club
This is a great wedge
By don
Wilkes-Barre, Pa
September 11, 2012
good wedge
only used this a few times and would like to have practiced more with it, but it worked well. I like it better than the wedge I was using.
By Claus Kanstrup Pedersen
September 7, 2012
Value for money
One of the best deals I have made this year
By Larry R.
Springfield, Missouri
September 4, 2012
Great Wedge
Got one of these last year in a 52*. It has become my go-to wedge. One of the first wedges I've been able to really spin. I use it around the green and as a regular gap wedge. My short game has improved greatly since bagging this beauty.
ProsLook Feel Performance Price
ConsDidn't like the "thin" grip. Replaced it with a mid size and love it.
By Zman
September 4, 2012
Still trying to find max distance
should of got more loft trying to figure max distance not the same
By Joel
Clatskanie, OR
September 4, 2012
The only error could be the operator.
Great 56* wedge for when you are close to the green. I am still getting use to it but I like the feedback you get on sweet spot hits and mis hits.
ProsBeautiful black finish. Great feedback on hits. Can go longer distances if you want. Can provide decent back spin on greens.
By Ben
August 31, 2012
Awesome club
Both me and my buddy bought this club. We played a round together the day we got it. It was a night and day difference from what we were using before. In fact, he holed out from 25 yards off the green. Great club even better price.
ProsPrice, look, feel, shot control
ConsNothing at all
By David Brownell
Ontario, Canada
August 29, 2012
Bargain Wilson Staff 58 degree Wedge
I recently purchased this wedge to compliment my set of Wilson Staff irons(Ci7's). I already had the 54 but wanted to try some more loft because of our hard greens. The club has performed perfectly as I would expect from Wilson Staff. products and the price, for this quality, was of course unbelievable.
ProsConsistent performance grooves deliver good spin
ConsFactory grip is too small for my hands but I have regripped to jumbo with very little loss of feel
By Chris
August 27, 2012
As nice as any wedge I've hit
Prosfeels good in my hands sets up nice
August 25, 2012
By Anis Fakira
Melbourne - Australia
August 24, 2012
Nice club
Used it twice. It felt good.
ProsNice design.
Orange County, Ca
August 22, 2012
Great value here
Very nice club for the price, wilson makes great wedges, the head is nice and heavy which in turn helps rotate your shoulders through the swing. Definitely would recommend, I have the 48 and 58 Wilsons.
Prosinexpensive great brand good, quality wedge
By Malcolm Boyles
Bothell, WA.
August 19, 2012
Exactly what I was looking for.
A very nice gap wedge at a terrific price. The process to buy was easy. The club arrived a day early. Couldn't have been easier.
ProsI like everything about this club.
By Josh
August 15, 2012
awesome club for the money
Prosgreat feel
By Mike
Hesperia, CA
August 14, 2012
awesome wedge for the $
I purchased this gap wedge to address my 70 yard and in shots. It far exceeded my expectations. It is made well and has great feel. For a longtime average golfer it has really helped my game.
By seung kyun nam
cleveland ohio
August 9, 2012
the best wedge on the market
it will spin like sonic
Prosthe best wedge ever regardless price
By Big O
Waxahachie, TX
August 9, 2012
Really Nice Looking Wedge
Really nice looking wedge for the price. Thanks RockBottomGolf!
By R. Rockhead
August 8, 2012
58 Degree Black Beauty
Best wedge I've ever played. Can't beat this price.
ProsDesign. Materials
ConsBlack shows scuffs (also adds character)
By george
August 6, 2012
wilson staff tw9 black wedge steel
good feel and good value like the black finish
By WineValley_Turf
Walla Walla, Washington
August 3, 2012
Great Wedge
I am a 1.5 Handicap at a tough course in Washington (Wine Valley), with green speeds during the summer ranging from a 13 to 15 on the stimp meter. They stop on a dime!! I had Mizuno Wedges before I bought two of these, thought I would give it a try for the price. These look and feel amazing. They are great around the greens and withing 150 yards. The only thing is the black wears of a bit but who cares, it is the color of a club, that is not what makes you a better golfer. If you want a great wedge I would buy these. Also bought the 52 degree Watson Players Grind Wedge, I would recommend that wedge as well.
ProsForgiveness Spin Control Look Feel
By Ryan
United States
July 30, 2012
great feel and control
great club and easy to use for all levels
Proseasy feel and great control
By Bobby
Houston, TX
July 30, 2012
Can't Complain For the Price
worth the price easily
By Chris
Evansdale, IA
July 28, 2012
this is the club for you short game
i bought this club about 2 weks ago, i have a hard time playing a 60degree lobwedge so i thought this might be a little beter for me. i absolutley love this club as my short game has gotten alot more acurate as well as making my putting better being closer to the hole. i rcommend this to any plaer who might have some trouble playing the lob wedge. thank you Rock Bottom Golf for this master piece at a good price
Prosaccurate near the greens easy to hit
By Tez
Durham, NC
July 26, 2012
Excellent Performance for the Price
I LOVE the bounce of this club and how the ball sticks on the green. It doesn't have the best feel, but the results are excellent. At times, I don't feel like the club is secure in my hands with the grip, but it hasn't affected my shots. You can't beat this club for the price.
ProsAccuracy Spin Affordability
By V. Stone
July 25, 2012
Can't really complain
It works pretty well for an inexpensive club. Its a wedge it gets the ball up in the air.
Consgrip can feel a little rough
By John
United States
July 23, 2012
Solid wedge
Great wedge for the price. For someone who enjoys changing wedges every few weeks, these prices are great.
By Geoff
Frankfort, Indiana
July 21, 2012
Good wedge, great price.
My 58* lob wedge has been great so far (2 rounds and a decent amount of practice). I was using my pitching wedge to hit anything below my 9 iron before, but this lob wedge has really helped my game. Since I've not owned a wedge like this before, I can't say what, if anything, sets this wedge apart from wedges like it, but it has been durable and it has done its job very well. For the price, there is no way you can beat it. I have already recommended this wedge to friends.
ProsPrice, Durability
By David
Sydney, Oz
July 18, 2012
Great Wedges
Have played a couple of rounds now with the gap and lob wedge. Both are nice and heavy which i prefer and have already improved my confidence with shot's that I used to dread. Great clubs to use and for the price it's a no brainer, only wish I'd had bought more!
ProsPrice Look Feel Able to get great spin from both clubs
ConsThe black finish is already starting to scuff up, but was expecting as much, so not too big a deal.
By Kevin
United States
July 17, 2012
Great Buy
The Prompt delivery was refreshing & while I have only gotten to use it for three rounds now it has done everything I was hoping for. Very good high loft club. Soft delivery with good spin.
ProsValue for dollar
By Will
July 16, 2012
Get you flop at the Rock
everything I ever wanted in a $21.44 club
By ian
July 15, 2012
Good club
Works good and heavy to swing through the ball.
By Big Bear
July 14, 2012
Great Club for the MONEY!!!
I have been playing Vokey wedges for the past 18 years. I love this club more than any of my Vokey wedges. Do not get me wrong... Vokey is a great club and I will always play them. For someone that is not sure if they really want to spend upwards of $100 on a Vokey, this is the way to go.
ConsGrip could be better.
By Brent
Boca Raton, FL
July 11, 2012
fun club
Club is well made and performs like it should.. has indeed helped our my short game. As usual, for the price it is offerred at rbg it is a great deal. I havent noticed the black finish rubbing off yet, but it has only been used through a handful of rounds.
By K
Cinnaminson, NJ
July 9, 2012
Great price, Great quality. I think I can reduce my handicap with it.^^
ProsGreat deal
ConsNot yet
By kyle
binghamton, ny
July 8, 2012
its okay.
not a bad wedge for this price by all means. however i only had it in my bag few rounds because it does not compare to my 588s. good wedge though for the beginer to average player to get started on wedge play,
By Mike
Jacksonville, Florida
July 6, 2012
What a Wedge
A great club with all the shots, low checks, high lobs, and my personal favorite the "hosel rocket". Yes, it's true, a new club won't fix a bad swing, but I look better when I hit my shanks. Very impressed with the service, I ordered on Thursday and received it on Saturday.
ProsEverything. Great look and great feel.
ConsThe guy swinging it!
By ktidw
July 3, 2012
Great lob wedge
Looks as good as it feels, especially for the price. Hits very smooth.
ProsPrice Playability
By John
Green Bay, WI
July 1, 2012
Very good value
This club has a very good feel and playability. You can't go wrong for the money!!!!
ProsFeels great, pro-line name, very nice grip.
ConsIt seems a little short in overall length, perhaps because I'm 6'2"?
By Bill
June 25, 2012
Great Wedge
As good, maybe better than your higher priced Vokey Wedges.
ProsLooks Feel Spin Price
By Jacob
Gurley, Alabama
June 23, 2012
Hits as goods as it looks. Perfect
Love how the club looks and hits. I choose it over my titleist wedge most of the time. Compared to the big name wedges this wedges gets the job just like the others but for half the price.
June 17, 2012
Love these clubs
They look good and are easy to hit!! Bought both the 48 and the 58...nice spin too! Stops on a dime!
ProsPrice, Quality, Looks
By Christian
Carmel, IN
June 12, 2012
Awe. Some.
Love this wedge. Grippy, easy to get spin, a bit weighted to really help get into the ball during full swings. I have three in my bag now: 48, 52, 58.
ProsSpin, forgiving, graphics
ConsPaint on sole of black wedge rubs off quickly and easily
By Nate
May 29, 2012
Love it
Got the 48, 52, 58. Wow they are great. I previously had used volkey's and cg14s. I cant seem to mishit these! My approach shots have improved a bunch. It would be hard to go wrong at this price, but these are great even if you dont consider the price.
By Kenneth
May 26, 2012
One of the best wedge ever used!!
Value for money plus I am improving my accuracy when playing my lob wedge now
ProsImprove my accuracy on the "cut"
ConsThe stock grip was bad and need replacement
By Louis R.
Staten Island
April 28, 2012
Pitching Wedge
Awesome club.
Prosit's a critical and precise shot. Took me time 2 get used to it, but now love it.
Consnothing, love everything of it..
By Melvin
April 23, 2012
Easy to Hit and Accurate
Tried them out at the range last evening. Solid feel and good swing weight. Easy to hit and was accurate. At this price, its a steal!
ProsPrice. Solid Feel. Easy to hit.
By Erns
April 23, 2012
Great Wedge
I have a 60 degree and a 50 degree in this wedge and they both work great, especially for the price. As other reviewers have mentioned, it is a bit heavier than the average wedge, but I find it helps me accelerate the club through impact, generating great spin. If you happen to get the black colour however, be aware that colour on the sole will scuff off.
By Denis
April 13, 2012
Great spin wedge
For the cost of a new shaft and grip, you get a 48 degree wedge tat really spins a PV1 type ball.
ProsGreat feel and spin.
ConsDoes not respond well to off center hits.
huntingdon valley, pa
March 29, 2012
48 degree wedge
this is the easist wedge I have ever hit, Soft feel low bounce I get 60 yards out of it with an easy swing A real stroke saver
By Clay
March 10, 2012
I love it
I purchased the 58 degree head, it is awesome. The heavy head helps me get under the ball with ease. I don't even use my pitch unless I am too far of course. I recommend it to all.
ProsPrice is perfect. Grip is great. Awesome club in sand and rough.
ConsThe black paint does wear away easily

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